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Large Conference


A large conference requires large projection screens and powerful projectors. Big flat screens can be added where the audience numbers are high and their view of the main screen/s is compromised. Flat screens can also be used as reference monitors for the presenters. A powerful sound system with additional speakers spread throughout the room will ensure that everybody can hear. Cordless lapel and headset microphones allow the presenters to move around freely and cordless hand held microphones can be passed around the audience for questions. Presentation remotes allow the presenter to advance slides and point to the screen with a laser pointer. To point to multiple screens simultaneously with a mouse cursor, we recommend a lcd touch screen. Presenters and panellist can be raised with a stage and lit with profile spots to make them visible to the audience. Conferences can be recorded in audio or video formats. Telephone or video conferencing equipment can be added. A LED timer clock will assist with time keeping. Presentations can be loaded in the conference room by utilizing networked laptops or speaker preparation rooms to prevent interruption.