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University of Cape Town Paediatric Refresher Course



Type of Event:



250 pax


This was a three day interactive meeting, held at The Vineyard Hotel, that identified optimal approaches to conditions of childhood in the areas of emergency medicine, neurology, palliative care and physiotherapy. Pre-conference workshops were held the day before the main conference. Lectures took place in the Camphor room and the Boardroom was used as an overflow room to accommodate all the delegates attending the event.

Plenary room:

We supplied a P.A with four speakers spaced along the length of the room to ensure even sound distribution. Presenters used a podium microphone for their talks, but we also had a lapel microphone available for those that preferred it. Table top microphones were placed on the top table for the panel and cordless hand held microphones were placed on stands in the isles for Q&A’s. Provision was made for laptop audio at the podium as well as at the back off the room.

Presentations were managed from the back and there was a VGA connection at the podium as a backup. The slides were projected onto two projection screens for the audience and displayed on confidence monitors for the presenters and panels. We supplied a normal  computer mouse at the podium which allowed the presenters to advance their slides and they could also use the mouse cursor as a laser pointer. The presentations were converted to PDF format and duplicated on printed cd’s and handed out to the delegates on the last day of the meeting.

Overflow room:

This room was equipped with a sound system, microphones and two projection screens and was linked to the main plenary room. Delegates in the overflow room could view the slides on one of the projection screens while the other screen was used to show a camera relay from the plenary room. Audio was also linked so that the overflow room could hear everything that happened in the plenary room and they could also ask questions to the presenters in the main room.

The meeting was an enjoyable experience for all the attendees thanks to our experienced team.

What they said:

Sincere thanks to you, Tinus and Kyle for the excellent support and service provided for the UCT Paediatric Refresher Course. Feedback from the delegates has been positive and the event went off very smoothly. We are once again extremely grateful for your professional management of the event. We look forward to working with you all in the near future.

Janice Candlish - Scatterlings