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Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference



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250 pax


This was the 8th Annual Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference, the world’s leading pan-African trade gathering. The event highlighted the latest developments and examined both the regional and international trade flow. The main conference was held in the Ballroom of the Westin Grand Hotel. Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco da Gama rooms were combined and used as a break away room.


We provided a four speaker P.A with ten cordless hand held microphones which were used for the panel discussions and Q&A’s. The stage was big enough for a podium, five chairs and a 6m banner. The banner was lit with six L.E.D parcans. There were two projection screens, one left and one right of the stage and there were two confidence monitors on the floor in front of the stage. Presentations were loaded at the back of the room and presenters controlled their slides with a cordless clicker. A count down clock was used for timekeeping.

Break away room

Only one projection screen and confidence monitor was used in the break away room. It also had a stage, banner and a sound system with ten cordless hand held microphones. The presentations were also loaded at the back of the room and controlled with a clicker.