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Transnet National Ports Authority Management Meeting



Type of Event:



250 pax


This event was held over the course of three days at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in the combined Atlantic rooms.

In order to accommodate all the delegates in the long and narrow conference venue, we used four projection screens and the projectors were placed on truss totems on the back wall and fitted with long throw lenses. The two outer screens displayed a camera relay of what was happening on stage, while the two inner screens showed the PowerPoint presentations. A 42” confidence monitor was used for the conference.

We supplied a 6m x 3.6m stage and a L.E.D lectern that changes colour. Profile spots washed the stage and provided light for the camera relay. L.E.D par cans were used as decorative up lighting. Additional truss totems and a truss goal post were added to accommodate the intelligent light fixtures that were used for the gala dinner.

The sound system was in the form of a six speaker P.A with subs, monitors and various microphones for the conference and the dinner entertainment. Delegates were entertained by a three piece band, followed by a performance by Judith Sephuma and then a DJ.