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SAMWUMED Annual General Meeting



Type of Event:



1200 pax


SAMWUMED is a national accredited, self-administered medical scheme offering the most affordable medical cover for local government employees. Their AGM was held at the Good Hope Center.

Sound system:

We provided a four speaker P.A with three pairs of delays to ensure even sound distribution and to minimize the echo that occurs in the venue. A digital sound desk and a system processor was used to set the delays and allowed us to control the sound in this challenging environment. The panel addressed the audience with four table top microphones and could hear the questions from the floor via two stage monitors. Four cordless handheld microphones were used for questions from the audience and the receivers of the mics were placed in the center of the venue to prevent drop out in the large room. The meeting was recorded in mp3 format on a digital recorder and was copied onto a cd straight after the event.


We supplied two 12x9 front projection screens and projectors which was used for a loop from a laptop and live camera relay. A seamless switcher was used to switch between the two sources. We used Par Cans on a dimmer to flood the stage with light to make the camera relay possible. We also provided two plasma screens on floor stands in the registration area to display a loop from a laptop.

What they said:

On behalf of Scheme, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the outstanding work your team did yesterday morning and afternoon. The Principal Officer was extremely happy with the sound, and loved the screens. Please extend our gratitude to the gentlemen who were there throughout the event, for being on the ball and being patient. We truly appreciate it. Thank you once again for the great work guys.

Nozuko Mbatani - Communications and Events Administrator