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Eskom Press Conference



Type of Event:



60 pax


A press conference held by Eskom at the TAJ Hotel in Cape Town,  with Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and Eskom chief executive Brian Dames  addressing members of the media.

The challenge:

Provide sound for keynote addresses and  a question and answer session with a panel of five people. Make allowance for multiple sound feeds to members of the media. Supply a projection screen for a PowerPoint presentation and a web demonstration on separate laptops. Create a satellite link up with a venue in Johannesburg so  that they can see and hear the presenters and the presentation in Cape Town and ask questions from Johannesburg. Ensure that presenters are well lit for the cameras.

The response:

We used our premium PA because of the high profile nature of the event. A gooseneck microphone was used at the podium for speeches , a push-to-talk multi microphone system for the panel of five people and cordless hand held microphones for questions from the  audience. Audio feeds where made available through an audio splitter which allows members of the media  to plug in multiple recording devices.

We provided a high resolution projector and a front projection screen with side drapes  to give the event an elegant look. Provision was made to seamlessly switch between the presentation and web demo laptop as well as a back up laptop. A plasma was used for a reference monitor, the large screen made it easy for the entire panel to follow the presentation.

A satellite link was created using an outside broadcasting truck which integrated seamlessly to the conference equipment in the venue. This  enabled us to send live video and audio from the event in Cape Town to Johannesburg and simultaneously receive live video and audio from Johannesburg allowing the two venues to interact with each other.

The podium was raised on a small stage. Profile spot lights where used to ensure adequate light for the cameras without washing out the projection screen.

Our technicians made sure the myriad of different technical components where tested thoroughly well in advance of the event to avoid any surprises. The event went off without a hitch. Everyone left with a feeling of satisfaction after another successful event.