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Cape Town International Airport Career Day



Type of Event:



150 pax


This event was a career day with dancers as entertainment for the children of the ACSA (Airports Company of South Africa) employees. Parents and their children where invited to this meeting to come and listen to an informative talk on the different career options available at ACSA. Each career had an ACSA employee, dressed in a graduation robe, discussing the pros, cons and requirements of working in their particular fields.

Setup day:

Setup for the event was done the previous day and comprised a 6m by 9m stage, projection screen, P.A and a video camera for recording. The Function was held in the C.I.P Lounge (Commercially Important People, similar to a V.I.P lounge) at the Cape Town International Airport.

The venue had a high roof which has a negative effect on the acoustics, this challenge was mitigated by the use of a 4 speaker P.A. We setup the stage with the screen behind it in the middle. We constructed a little platform out of the stage steps off to the right hand side of the stage for the presenter to stand on. A projector stand with a cover was raised to waist height and was positioned in front of the platform, this served as a second lectern. We used our brighter Sanyo XP46 projector instead of the client’s boardroom projector since we had no way of controlling the lights in the building. The high light levels were effectively overcome by using this projector as the venue lighting needed to stay on for the event.

Function day:

I supplied our laptop which I brought with as a backup as the client's laptop failed to run many of the movie clips embeded in the presentation. Fortunately our laptops are constantly updated with the latest software and drivers and ran the client's presentations without a hitch.

I was presented with a usb stick and cds which had the backtracks of the dancers on them plus some background music they wanted me to play during breaks. All the proceedings went well. It felt good being part of a successful function that had a positive impact on the young kids.