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AV Display Systems

Lengkeng LKV724P HDMI Splitter/Extender

by Tinus

This product is a 1 input 4 outputs splitter extender kit, It distributes 1 HDMI input signal to 4 identical signal outputs, extends these signals up to 70...

Lengkeng LKV223P HDMI Extender

by Tinus
This HDMI Extender includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, allows the HDMI signal to be transmitted up to 70 meters using a Cat6/6A/7 network cable. It adopts a point-to-point connection configuration, supports bi-directional IR pass-back and 3.5 mm stereo audio output. 

Roland V-8HD HDMI Switcher/Scaler

by Tinus

Powerful and Portable 8-channel Video Switcher

The V-8HD from Roland is an 8-channel video switcher that comes with everything you need to switch, mix, compose, and record high-quality video. It's made for the 21st century too, featuring an all-HDMI workflow that lets you...

Roland XS-1HD HDMI Switcher/Scaler

by Tinus

All contained in a compact format, the XS-1HD includes a switcher, scalers, and audio mixer in a single unit. Additionally, high-quality image processing allows output to large high-resolution screens, without any degradation of quality.


Three operation modes ...

Lengkeng LKV375 HDMI Extender

by Tinus

This HDBaseT single network cable extender transmits HDMI signal up to 100meters over cat6 fluently and clearly. It is lossless in signal and supports 3D, 24bits deep color, 4kx2k, CEC and HDCP.


1. Apply HDBaseT extend technology

2.Uncompressed HDMI video signal


Lengkeng 8 Way HDMI Splitter

by Tinus

1×8 HDMI splitter distributes 1 HDMI source to 8 HDMI displays simultaneously. Apply for STB, DVD, Media Player, Laptop, D-VHS and other HD-Player devices. It’s Compatible with HDMI 3D and 4K×2K. 



1、  Source: HDMI video source, such as DVD,...

Bigger is definitely better

by Tinus

Specifications & more information about 75N5000UW, LED TV 75" (191cm)  manufactured by HiSense


Be prepared to imagine a new era of television with the N5000 Series HiSense 75 Inch Flat UHD E-LED Smart TV where Style and Luxury meet . Sporting the...

Panasonic PT-EX620

by Tinus

Natural Pictures In Bright Rooms
More than 30 years of hard-won experience stands behind every Panasonic projector they make. Innovative technology guarantees uncommonly bright and vivid pictures even in well-lit rooms.

Low Total Cost Of Ownership
From dust-...

Hisense 50" Full HD LED TV

by Tinus
This 50" Full HD LED TV is fantastic for exhibition stands and events where projection screens can't be accommodated. It can be mounted on an eye level floor stand or placed on a table. The screen can easily be connected to any Laptop/MacBook, DVD/Blue Ray player, DSTV decoder/TV antennae or...

High quality boardroom projector for hire

by Tinus

The Epson EB-X18 projector

This LCD projector features an XGA resolution, 1.2x optical zoom and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of 3,000 lumens. This not only means you get sharp, clear images, but also that colours are three times brighter2 than 1-...

Kramer TP-120-od Receivers

by Tinus

TP-120-od Receiver

Computer Graphics Video over Twisted Pair Receiver with EMP Protection

The TP−120−od is a twisted pair receiver for computer graphics video signals. When used in conjunction with the PT−110−od twisted pair transmitter (or other compatible Kramer...

Kramer TP-114 Distribution Amplifiers

by Tinus

TP-114 Transmitter

1:4 Computer Graphics Video & HDTV over Twisted Pair Transmitter & Distribution Amplifier

The TP−114 is a high−performance distribution amplifier for computer graphics video or HDTV signals. It converts a computer graphics video or HDTV...

LCD Data/Video Projector Hire in Cape Town

by Tinus

We have a wide range of high resolution LCD data/video projectors available for hire to suit your specific requirements.

Boardroom projectors:

  • Suitable for smaller groups
  • Easy plug and play solution
  • Fixed lens
  • Manual zoom
  • ...

Choosing the correct projection screen size for your event

by Tinus

You have heard the saying “it’s always better on a big screen”. That is not necessarily the case, there are a few things to take into account when deciding which size screen(s) to use for your event. For the best results you need a screen that is big enough so those in the back row can read the...