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BXB Microphone Controller

BXB Conference Microphone System Control Unit

The BXB (EDC 1050) Main Control Unit

  • Has 3 chain outputs for daisy connection, each link can be linked up to 25 units
  • Can control up to 10 chairman units & 128 delegate units by extension power supply
  • System Auto-Test functions when power on. When failed connection, the Red ring of light is Flashing
  • Chairman Unit controls delegate mic activation and has the alarm sound when delegate-off
  • Built-in sound-emission circuit to prevent echo and noise
  • Compatible with EDC 1012 delegate mics & EDC 1011 chairman mics


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Multi-Conferencing Operating Modes…


1. Delegates have the ability to open their own mics

2. No Request-to-speak

VOICE (Auto-MIC Shut-Off):

30/45 seconds without speaking, microphone will be automatically shut-off


1. Delegates have the ability to open their mics

2. When the maximum open mics is reached, delegate opens mic will take control of the current delegate, chairman is not affected


1. Delegates only have the ability to request-to-speak

2. Chairman controls all delegate mic activation


Numbers of Microphone push to talk simultaneously is up to 1-9, displayed on the main control front panel