The benefits of profile spot lights for a conference

Projection screens are an important part of most conferences and meetings. In order to get optimal results from the projectors, the light levels of the venue must be controlled. Excessive light in the area of the projection screens can result in a washed out image. This can be problematic since...

Protea Hotel Durbanville

Protea Hotel Durbanville is surrounded by D’Aria Wine Estate’s award-winning vineyards on one of the Cape’s oldest farms. The hotel has 4 boardrooms and 2 conference venues. The boardrooms range from 20m² to 28m². Conference venue 1 & 2 are identical and can be used separately or joined make...

Kramer TP-120-od Receivers

TP-120-od Receiver

Computer Graphics Video over Twisted Pair Receiver with EMP Protection

The TP−120−od is a twisted pair receiver for computer graphics video signals. When used in conjunction with the PT−110−od twisted pair transmitter (or other compatible Kramer...

Kramer TP-114 Distribution Amplifiers

TP-114 Transmitter

1:4 Computer Graphics Video & HDTV over Twisted Pair Transmitter & Distribution Amplifier

The TP−114 is a high−performance distribution amplifier for computer graphics video or HDTV signals. It converts a computer graphics video or HDTV...

The Westin Grand Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco da Gama

Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco da Gama is on the Old Harbour level of the hotel and is accessed by stairs or lift. They can be combined into one room. Both rooms have décor rails and opens onto the Lobby. Lights are dimmable and can be controlled separately.