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The benefits of profile spot lights for a conference

ETC Source 4 zoom profile spot

Projection screens are an important part of most conferences and meetings. In order to get optimal results from the projectors, the light levels of the venue must be controlled. Excessive light in the area of the projection screens can result in a washed out image. This can be problematic since presenters are generally in close proximity to the screen(s) and while switching off the lights in the vicinity of the screen(s) will result in a better image, it will also leave the presenter(s) in the dark. This is not desirable from an audience perspective and matters can get even worse if the event is being filmed since light has a major effect on camera equipment.

The solution is to make use of profile spot lights. These lights are designed for projecting a shaped beam of light which allows you to light up the presenter(s) or stage area without the light spilling onto the screen(s). Profile spot lights can be focused to give a hard or a soft edge, they can be zoomed to cover a wide or a small area and they can be dimmed. This gives you a lot of control and flexibility.