Lumi Interactive Voting System

The Lumi Connector brings you a never-before seen level of interactive audience engagement. This all-in-one, handheld device enables participants to fully interact and contribute to the content and outcome of your meeting.

Device Features:

  • Enhanced Voting...

Crystal Towers Hotel Crystal Rooms

The lower level conference room can be divided into three rooms, Crystal 1, 2 and 3. Lights are dimmable and can be controlled separately. The venue can be darkened by drawing the curtains.

Height: 3.1m
Width: 10m
Length: 30m


The Vineyard Hotel & Spa Conference Centre

This is a dedicated two storey conference centre, Summerhouse room on the ground floor and Camphor room on the first floor. Each floor can be divided into three smaller rooms. These rooms may function simultaneously or independently. Lights are dimmable and can be controlled separately. The...

The Mount Nelson Hotel Ballroom

The Ballroom is on the first floor of the hotel and is accessed by stairs and it can be divided into two rooms, Ballroom East and Ballroom West. It is perfect for large and medium-size functions, such as wedding receptions, product launches, conferences and exhibitions. Lights are dimmable and...

Choosing the correct projection screen size for your event

You have heard the saying “it’s always better on a big screen”. That is not necessarily the case, there are a few things to take into account when deciding which size screen(s) to use for your event. For the best results you need a screen that is big enough so those in the back row can read the...