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The Westin Grand Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco da Gama

Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco da Gama is on the Old Harbour level of the hotel and is accessed by stairs or lift. They can be combined into one room. Both rooms have décor rails and opens onto the Lobby. Lights are dimmable and can be controlled separately.

Height: 3,5m
Width: 9m
Combined Length: 18m
Combined Capacity:
Front Projection Schoolroom – 96pax
Front Projection Boardroom – 66pax
Front Projection U-Shape – 57pax
Front Projection Cinema – 120pax
Dinner Dance - 48pax
Cocktail - 190pax
Cabaret – 80pax

Divided Capacity:

Front Projection Schoolroom – 48pax
Front Projection Boardroom – 36pax
Front Projection U-Shape – 27pax
Front Projection Cinema – 60pax
Cocktail - 80pax
Cabaret – 40pax