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Table Bay Hotel 15th Anniversary


The Table Bay Hotel

Type of Event:

Gala & Corporate Entertainment


50 pax


The Table Bay Hotel celebrated their 15th anniversary by treating some of their Corporate Clients to a fun filled evening of cocktails, wine, food, live music and awesome lucky draw prizes. The event took place in their famous Atlantic Restaurant. LED par cans were used to set the mood accompanied by the music.

One of the highlights of the evening was a live ice sculpture carving which took place in the Atlantic restaurant while the guests chatted amongst one another rather intrigued at what was taking place right in front of them. Starting out with a huge block of ice they witnessed the metamorphosis of this block, into an ice replica of the hotels mascot, Oscar the seal. This has been the only event we have done where the client required a chainsaw to be amplified through the P.A system.  

The evening ended with gifts given and thanks expressed which surely can be translated as job well done.