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SAGIC Awards of Excellence



Type of Event:

Gala & Corporate Entertainment


100 pax


This was an awards evening for the South African Green Industries Council at the Castle of Good Hope in the Lady Anne Barnard room. The award presentation was followed by an operatic recital accompanied by a instrumental trio including piano, flute and cello.

The challenge:

To evenly distribute sound for both speech and performance across a very long and narrow room and supply visuals of high quality in the narrow spaces available. The venue measured 50m x 10m and accommodated the guests seated at one continuous dinner table spanning the length of the room. This layout  proved challenging as many audience members were seated some distance from the performance stage but relatively close to the loud speakers. The available remaining space did not allow for screen and projector solutions to distribute visuals accompanying the award ceremony.

The response:

We used six speakers spread out along the length of the front wall due to the unusual size of the venue. The Turbosound TCX-12 speakers have a 90 degree dispersion pattern which makes them an ideal choice, because they can cover a wide area while eliminating dead spots in the sound coverage. They also reproduce sound accurately at a low volume level. This allowed us to run the sound at a comfortable volume level without deafening those audience members seated right next to the speakers.

 Since space was very limited, we used 50” plasma screens to display the visuals. These screens require very little floor space and were strategically placed in order for the guests to follow the presentation.

The stage area was lit with profile spot lights and the walls were lit with LED uplighters. These LED lights emit very little heat which means they can be placed in close proximity to guests and performers without causing discomfort.

After dinner and formal proceedings guests moved to the Dolphin room for the dance party. A perfect ending for a successful event.