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Kia Motors Farewell Dinner


Asian Sun Tours

Type of Event:

Gala & Corporate Entertainment


100 pax


This was a farewell dinner for the delegates of the Kia Middle East & Africa Distributors Convention. The event was held in a Bedouin tent outside The Round House in Camps Bay.

We provided two plasma screens in the reception area to display the seating arrangements for the dinner. Two identical custom made lecterns were used, one was on the floor next to the stage for the master of the ceremonies and the other was on the stage for the speeches. The stage was big enough to accommodate the lectern and the marimba band.

We used a four speaker P.A for the sound and had two Mac 700 moving lights on truss totems which projected the Kia logo on the roof of the tent. The lecterns and stage was lit with two profile spot lights and LED par cans were used to light the tent and the band. A diesel generator supplied power for all the technical equipment via two electrical distribution boards.

The event was a great success.