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Corporate Event Staging have been involved with many medical conferences but this was not your normal medical meeting that we were used to. Most of the time you would see photos up on the screen during doctors presentations, but on this function it was all about live demonstrations.

Conquest Surgical supplies products to the cosmetic and aesthetic market. Their vision is to remain the market leaders in the aesthetic field by offering their current and future portfolio of gold standard products to the market with uncompromised levels of service. One of the many things that they do to achieve this is to bring in specialists from around the globe to show doctors here in South Africa what is being done elsewhere or to showcase the specialists preferred techniques.

For this medical meeting we supplied a PA system with a cordless countryman headset mic for the specialist allowing him to move around with ease and perform the various procedures showing his techniques. We supplied the screen and projector to show all the visuals. We made use of a Sony PD170 camera to relay all the live demonstrations onto the big screen for all to see clearly and then had a Kramer 730 switcher to switch sources between the laptop presentation and camera relay.

It was awesome working with Conquest Surgical on this event and both technicians said they would remember this for a long time.......must be because of all the injections they witnessed.