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British Airways Heston Blumenthal Media Event


Meropa Communications

Type of Event:

Promotions & Expos


25 pax


This was a breakfast function for members of the media held by British Airways with popular British chef Heston Blumenthal. The event took place at Ellerman House with the majestic Atlantic ocean as back drop.

The challenge:

Provide an AV display system for a Keynote presentation to be loaded on a MacBook Pro, big enough for 25 people in a venue with a high ambient light level without compromising the view of the ocean. Supply a perspex lectern, a confidence monitor and a sound system with a podium microphone, a headset microphone, a hand microphone and an audio connection for the MacBook Pro.

The response:

We supplied two 50” plasma screens because they provide a large display that works well in a bright environment. We placed them at an angle across the corners of the main window in such a way that they did not obstruct the view. A 19” LCD screen was used as a confidence monitor at the lectern and the Keynote presentation was controlled with a cordless mouse.

The sound system was in the form of a two speaker P.A with a gooseneck microphone at the podium, a headset microphone for Heston Blumenthal and a hand held microphone for questions from the audience.

The event was a great success.