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FDS-366T Omnidrive Compact


The one loudspeaker management system that really satisfies all your system requirements just got even better!. 

One FDS-366 can drive a true stereo 3-way system, or 3 bi-amp outputs for monitors. Add more units and MIDI slave linking to make stereo 4, 5 and even 6-way systems.

Typical applications:

  • Stereo 3-way.
  • Stereo 2-way plus sub from input C.
  • Triple Bi-amp for stage monitors, with delay and EQ.
  • Dual tri-amp for stage monitors.
  • 96kHz Studio monitoring systems.
  • LCR Monitoring systems (post-production).
  • 6-way systems.
  • 4-way plus 2 full range outputs with separate delay and EQ.
  • 6-way Zoning ( full range outputs, giving delays, EQ and limiters on all zones )


Other applications are also satisfied, such as zoning to six discrete areas using full range or band-restricted outputs. As a mono sum of all three inputs is available, the FDS-366 will find favour with LCR post-production monitoring systems where a mono sub output is required. A stereo AES/EBU digital input also means that the FDS-366 is an ideal product for studio monitoring applications.

BSS have incorporated the very latest digital technology and DSP algorithms to provide the COMPACT plus with a truly astonishing audio performance. The latest generation of 24-bit converters with carefully engineered support electronics provides a dynamic range in excess of 112dB (unweighted) without employing 'massaging' techniques that could have side effects.

Using a 96kHz sample rate further enhances the sonic performance of the FDS-366. The advantages of this higher rate mean a more natural and open sound thanks to a 40kHz bandwidth and improved filter responses that are possible with the higher Nyquist frequency.

BSS Audio pioneered the use of dynamic equalisation on the DPR-901, a tool well known to engineers the world over. Essentially a way of compressing selected frequencies when the signal reaches a pre-set threshold, adding dynamic eq to every input and output on the FDS-366 provides the engineer with a way to control some of the non-linearities in drivers (such as 2" horns) and room resonance's.

Two new facilities, the 'Alignment Assistant' and Dynamic EQ, help to reduce setup time and enhance creativity.

The effects of non-identical delays between loudspeaker drivers in cabinets, and between cabinets are well known. The FDS-366's Alignment Assistant makes the calculation and implementation of driver delay settings quick and automatic. A microphone input directly measures and corrects for driver and cabinet displacement, and also takes into account inherent phase shifts present in these and other system elements.